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Submerged rocks, stumps, grass and debris can take an expensive toll on your trolling motor's skeg and transducer, but you can reduce the risk of damage by using the 
"Wee Vee"™. This innovative angled guard deflects or slides over obstacles to protect your expensive equipment and the all metal construction is tough enough to handle the hardest collisions. The end result gives you more time to fish, not spending time and money on repairs and labor. This inexpensive guard is very easy to install... This is a Must have for shallow waterfishing, So don't be without the
"Wee Vee".™

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The U part of the " Wee Vee" is designed to fit to any diameter trolling motor, Just by installing the two bands and tightening. The "Wee Vee"™ will work with most 12 volt and all 24 and 36 volt trolling motors with a transducer.

Check out our "Wee Vee Wide"TM Transducer Guard.  They offer the same transducer protecion as the standard Wee Vee but accomodate all the larger transducers like Dual beam and the new side imaging transducers.   (Pictures shown in the Photo Gallery.)

J.R.'s Transducer Armor warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects, and will replace broken guards within Five year of date of purchase if returned to the address listed. Handling and shipping charges are not included in the guarantee. This guarantee does not include paint finish or stainless steal clamps. Proof of date of purchase must accompany the returned "WEE VEE." There are no guarantee(s) extended beyond those covered in this guarantee.